Your Fitness Professional for Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Hollywood and Palm Springs, California

Dennis Mason is a  Certified Personal Trainer and fitness writer currently living in Palm Springs, CA and traveling to Los Angeles on weekends to do a radio show and train clients.

On August 6th, Dennis went on the air with his own radio show. Dennis studied for his Bachelors Degree in Broadcast communication in college and worked as a television producer and then as a radio DJ before entering a career in fitness and health. Now, he is going full circle as a radio host and he has a television show in pre-production both based inLos Angeles,CA.

Dennis owned a gym in San Diego for ten years and has been a personal trainer in Palm Springs since moving from San Diego. He has been a fitness writer for the Palm Springs Bottomline magazine since 2003 and previously wrote for La Jolla Light, San Diego Senior & Navy Dispatch in San Diego. He is a contributing writer on www.NaturalNews.com Dennis is also an NPC competitive bodybuilder.

Having been interested in fitness since watching Jack LaLanne on television with his mom in Ohio, he knew he had a passion for staying healthy and helping others. Like his idol Jack, Dennis believes it is never too late to start and that healthy eating plays a big part in loosing weight, preventing many illnesses and even curing some.

Not satisfied with helping only a limited number of clients and readers in Palm Springs, Dennis is forging his way on to the internet. Global Voice Broadcasting offers his listeners the choice of live broadcast, show downloads as well as the ability to downloading each show from Apple iTunes. Whether you listen now, listen later, email the file or tell a friend, Dennis will be doing his part to help the world be a healthier place.

Fitness & More with Dennis Mason, is a one hour live broadcast at 10 a.m. Saturday’s. The show will feature a different celebrity guest each week. Listener call-in questions will come in via phone, Skype, Facebook, Twitter and email. Each week Dennis and his segment guests will cover a range of topics from active fitness to food and cooking, natural medicine, weight loss, fitness products, anti-aging and more. Every show is geared to give the listener free advice from Dennis and his guests on living longer, living better, staying active all while enjoying their life.

You can listen live or catch a podcast at http://gvbradio.com/fitness-and-more-with-dennis-mason