Radio Guests: Season 1

Welcome Season 1.

Season one was broadcast from August 2011 to August 2012. My show was one of the many shows on Global Voice Radio with then owner Tony Sweet.

Each episode will available as a rebroadcast on my new BlogTalkRadio show page. They will be rebroadcast and available as on demand beginning in December 2013. Each Sunday one of my favorites will be available at 10a.m. In January all shows will be available on demand.

Looking for new episodes? Click on the tab I call Fitness Radio 2014. You will hear my broadcast from 2014 and my guests will be from all over the world and I call the show; Fitness and More Radio International.

Below is the list of guest I have been fortunate to interview.  This page is picture and link to their profile and a link to their website. Below that you will soon find the On Demand link on Blog Talk Radio

Thank you for being a part of my audience.

Dennis Mason


James Barry and Margaret Floyd

Margaret Floyd loves food and everything about it: growing it, cooking it, eating it, healing with it, talking about it, understanding it, & relating to it. Husband, Chef James Barry is a personal chef & owner of the Los Angeles based healthy meal delivery company Wholesome2go

Natalia Reagan and friend

Natalia Reagan- comedian, anthropologist and actress is my guest discussing the serious topic of the evolution of ape to man and the comedy of myths and even Butt Week 2012





Ann Walker, actress and star of Sordid Lives is my guest co-host today interviewing Mark Neidig.


Mark Neidig


Mark Neidig, Executive Director for Kanzius Cancer Research Foundation is back with an update on the latest developments on the Kanzius machine and killing cancer with radio waves in test animals.




Brandon Collingwood as 'Bernard'


Brandon Collingwood is a star on YouTube because he is THE biggest “fitness dork” of the world or is he? Actually, Brandon is smart and sly as a fox. Brandon thinks of himself as a comedian and fitness extraordinaire.




Carole Wells

Carole Wells has been a working actress since the age of 12, is a published author, metaphysical speaker and is still active in her pursuit of fitness through regular workouts and Aqua-Pilates. Nothing slows her down.

Haviland Stillwell

April 7, 2012   Haviland Stillwell is an actress, singer, and producer, known for her work on Broadway, in Television and Film, and as an strong advocate for positivity, forward movement and her enthusiastic look at fitness. 


Julie Piper Kelly

March 31, 2012  Canadian bodybuilder, motivational speaker and gold medalist Julie Piper Kelly spoke to Dennis on a recent trip to visit her girlfriend in West Hollywood, CA.

Michael Foster



 March 24, 2012   An interview with Michael Foster, actor, personal trainer,  spokes person/model and part owner of N101 Nutrition


Richie Nuzzolese

March 17, 2012  Dennis interviews actor, model, singer and musician Richie Nuzzolese who recently starred in Katy Perry’s music video “Last Friday Night”


March 10,2012   Rerun Show

March 3, 2012 Guest Rescheduled, Rerun show

Delphine Amiot

Feb. 25, 2012          An interview with Delphine Amiot, celebrity personal trainer, gym owner and thyroid and breast cancer survivor. How does she inspire clients not to give up?




John McLaughlin




Feb. 18, 2012          Dennis interviews John McLaughlin, writer, producer, and actor about his recovery from crystal meth, new commitment to healthy living fitness and his new trainer with Dennis in West Hollywood

Kyle Neven

Feb 11, 2012          An interview with Kyle Neven, personal trainer and song writer about his life, his recovery and adult films

Tony Sweet

Feb. 4, 2012          Dennis interviews Radio Host and Owner of Global Voice Broadcasting, Tony Sweet about his fitness background and journey.

Susan Irby

Dr. Del Millers

Paula Lippert

Jan. 28, 2012          Dennis is LIVE from the Los Angeles FIT EXPO with Elise Murphy from the T. Colin Campbell Foundation, Susan Irby– The Bikini Chef, Dr. Del MillersPaula Lippert from Venice Nutrition

Rose Gracie

Terry Shorter

Jonathan DePaz, Creator of Skatergie

Jonathan DePaz

Jan. 21, 2012          Dennis previews the L.A. Fitness Expo with Rose Gracie, Terry Shorter, Jonathan DePaz and Kitty Callahan from Evolution Fitness Conference

Marc Missioreck

Kathy Stevens

Jan. 14, 2012         Dennis previews the L.A. Fitness Expo with Marc Missioreck from The Fitness Expo and Kathy Stevens from Evolution Fitness Conference


Jan 7, 2012            Vacation Show: Rerun

Dec 31, 2011           New Years Eve Show: Rerun

Dec 24, 2011          Christmas Eve Show: Rerun


Mark Neidig

Dec 17, 2011          Mark Neidig the Executive Director of Kanzius Cancer Research Foundation- Killing cancer cells with radio waves and zero toxicity, Part Two with Q & A 

Dec 17, 2011          Mark Neidig the Executive Director of Kanzius Cancer Research Foundation- Killing cancer cells with radio waves and zero toxicity, Part One 

Jake Sawyer

Dec 10, 2011          Dennis interviewed Competitive Body Builder and Fitness Expert Jake Sawyer injured in Iraq and his comeback to be even better and what he is doing to help returning soldiers.

Carolyn Scott-Hamilton

Dec. 3, 2011          Dennis interviewed Carolyn Scott-Hamilton about fitness, Nutrition and being Vegans and Vegetarian


Catherine Sanson

Nov 19, 2011         Registered Nurse, Female Bodybuilder and Fitness Competitor Catherine Sanson

Chris Schauble

Nov 12, 2011         Chris Schauble, co-anchor KTLA Morning News talk about his adoption, to family, to the Ironman to helping adoptees


Dr. Sean Hashami

Nov 05, 2011        Dr. Sean Hashmi– medical doctor, fitness enthusiast and fitness writer. Fitness issues from a medical perspective.

Dr. Eric Swartz, D.C.

Oct 29, 2011          Dr. Eric Swartz, Chiropractor, international aerobic teacher, and personal trainer. From fat kid to fitness pro.


Silvi and Maryl Celiz

Oct 22, 2011          Silvie and Maryl Celiz, twin sisters from Peru who learned nutrition as kids and grew it into a life changing business.



Tanja Djelevic

Oct 15, 2011          Tanja Djelevic, Celebrity Trainer, Child Fitness Advocate and television trainer on Sweden’s Biggest Loser


Craig Ramsay

Mandy Ellen

Oct 8, 2011            Craig Ramsay, Trainer to Broadway, TV and movie actors, as well as Bravo TVs Thinervention with Jackie Warner. His co-guest is His Thinervention success story client, Mandy Ellen who is now a fitness professional


Fitness X / Billy Bow and Kat Painter

Oct 1, 2011            The crew from Fitness X Magazine, Co-Publishers and fitness competitors Kat Painter & Billy Bow and their graphic designer Joe Mikoli


Jackie Wick

Bryan Zerr

Sept 24, 2011       Jackie Wicks, fitness enthusiast and online fitness business expert at PEER Trainer calling in from Colorado and Co-guest Bryan Zerr Body, Mind & Spirit new age thinker and founder of Know Complaints


Gary Kobat

Sept 17, 2011       Gary Kobat, Fitness trainer to the stars, fitness enthusiast, fitness writer and international speaker and marathoner




John Carter

Jake Strickland

Sept 10, 2011       John Carter of John Carter Fitness, commercial fitness model and fitness writer who went from skinny to fit and Jake Strickland a model diagnosed with cancer and survived to say This is What Cancer Looks Like


Tamara De La Guerra

Paul Sivertsen and Kim Kabar

Sept 3, 2011         Tamara De La Guerra, Undefeated Martial Artist, personal trainer and actress and Kim Kabar & Paul Sivertsen founders of Health 4 Less helping women overcome emotional eating to change their life


Chef Gavan and Christy Murphy

Aug 27, 2011      Chef Gavan Murphy and his wife Christy from Healthy Irishman. How a vegetarian and meat eating Irishman coexist


Stefan Pinto

Boe Trumbull

Aug 20, 2011       Stefan Pinto, former Playgirl Model turned fitness model and fitness author of “Fat to Fit: 50 easy ways to lose weight” and Boe Trumball, Sr. Director of Operations for the SBE corporation. Can a busy executive have time to stay SO FIT?

Daniel Puder

Kyle Brown

Aug 13, 2011      Daniel Puder, Professional WWE wrestler & World Champion undefeated mixed martial artist, now kid fitness advocate and his business partner at My Life My Power, Kyle Brown recognized as San Diego’s Best Personal Trainer


Matthew Kenney

Mayor John Duran

Aug 6, 2011        The Debut of Fitness and More Radio with Dennis Mason and his guest renown Raw Food Chef Matthew Kenney who know operates Matthew Kenny OKC a raw food chef school and Kenney Cuisine calling in from his home in Maine plus our in-studio guest the Mayor of West Hollywood, John Duran. John explains how he stays fit and busy as well as all the ways resident of West Hollywood can stay fit thanks to City facilities